When your parents pull up and you forgot to do your chores
Anonymous asked:
Advice for freshman? I'm really scared of HS.

Okay so:
-there’s nothing to be scared of, everyone is super nice and willing to help and you won’t get beat up or anything
-do your homework!!! It’s honestly going to help you study and learn the material
-volunteer in class so the teachers know you get it
-don’t slack off. A lot of people didn’t care about freshman year and now they realize that it screwed them over
-EXTRA CREDIT. IF THE TEACHER OFFERS, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET IT. those few extra points can be a lot.
-be super friendly and talk to everybody. It’s so easy to make friends freshman year
-join clubs and sports. Really good on college applications and a good way to make friends
-try not to get in trouble
-do what you want as long as you don’t get caught

I hope this helps & if you have any more questions just ask!